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Automation referred to within the mold ln-moldmatic, future requirements for injection molding production costs, is to design some secondary processing step in the implementation of the internal mold, plastic parts touch when leaving the chamber is already the final product. It is a combination of technology, including an intelligent modern injection molding machines, molds and peripheral equipment such as advanced technology.
"Mold automation" technology brother Friends Die invention, the core technology is like a miniature set of tooling machines, equipped with its internal moving parts, hydraulic core pulling and sensors.
We provide professional design and manufacture of two-color injection molding machine turntable, including flat turntable, turntable and sandwiches care core manifold. Plane diameter turntable currently do 2200mm, prop core turntable includes a duplex and three stations not. Manufacturing technology is mature, stable, careful consideration of the needs of customers, so that customers with the most cost-effective access to safe, stable and efficient two-color injection molding machine dial.
The company has a high-precision machining mold processing
equipment, including MIKRON machining centers, Makino Mac-

hining centers, AGIE mirror spark machine, and has a team
of highly qualified technical personnel.
Friends brother die continuous innova-
tion and invention, to obtain multiple
patents in recent years;
We manufacture color multicolor (multi-material) m-
olds are widely used in various fields

from product category to Divided into: car accesso-
ries,medical,home appliances,stationery,etc.
With efficient and professional sales team, more

convenient and faster for customers to provide full service to track
Dongguan Brother Mould and Plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D co-plastic technology, professional design
and manufacture of multi-color (multi-material) mold.
Our main products are manufactured multicolor (multi-material) precision molds; color injection molding
machine injection molding production turntable and provide one-stop services.
We provide customized service, product analysis, process design based on customer needs, and then a full-
service custom plastic injection mold + technology programs. We manufacture color multicolor...[+MORE]
Color of mold design requirements
Color mode: two on the same plastic material inject-
ion molding machine, a two-molding, but the product
only The mold once the mold. In general this is also
called double injection molding process is usually
done by a set of molds And the need for specialized
color injection molding machine...