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Dongguan brothers mold plastic Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development of plastic technology, specializing in the design and manufacture of multi-color (multi material) mold.
Our main products are precision molds, multi material co molding tools (turntable) and multi material co molding products.
We provide customized services, according to customer demand for product analysis, process design, and then customized mold + injection process solutions full-service.
Our product range is diverse, the mold is divided into four categories: flat turntable, two color mold, core turntable, two color mold, horizontal turntable, two-color mold, mold assembly, hollow plastic welding compound mold. Multi material molding tool (double color injection molding machine turntable) divided into three categories: flat rotary plate (diameter from 200mm~2150mm, there were two stations and three stations), supporting core turntable with 80T~650T double color injection molding machine, there are two stations, three station and four stations), "sandwich" runner plate, another company the existing 6 sets of double color injection molding machine Valet processing products, from 150T~320TL type double color injection molding machine, with different types of wheel production of different double color products.
Xiongyou mold for continuous innovation and invention, in recent years a number of invention patents; we seriously every detail, the use of advanced high-end equipment to do every processing, customers get the praise and affirmation of the industry!
Our business philosophy is to provide cost saving solutions to help customers increase production margins. We look forward to working with you to create value and win-win situation!